S'up With The Devil

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  1. I've decided to trade again as this is an interesting point in history and it will be entertaining to see how long the markets operate through it.At the outset trading will be through a UK spreadbet firm.Starting capital £5,000.I may well add a stockbroker in a few weeks.
  2. Well,I only managed 80% since wednesday before last but I'm confident I can lose the remaining £1100 next week.Not really,I'll make it hard by stepping out to the daily or weekly timeframe so it will be a real challenge.I'm still considering opening an IB account as I will want to buy a certain country's bonds when the price drops.I received a reply from the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and although I'm still worried about the SIPC clawback potential,there is a (chocolate?) firewall between US and UK jurisdictions.Perhaps I'll put half with IB,half with Saxobank.Haven't decided yet.I'm expecting war/stock market turmoil in the second half of the year so don't expect mammoth gains.Just interesting commentary as things unfold.
  3. I'm not using this but it's a starting point to insulate you from the liars and agenda hounds on trading websites.He shows how to code the index filter in another video.Think about index filters because you will need one soonish.
  4. Shorted the FTSE at £2/Point.On the daily so it was a speculative trade potentially nearer the (intermediate?) top rather than mid trend.
  5. Left that one plus other much larger losses.The old gambling buzz is still there.Maybe I'll post my statements and that will keep me straight.
  6. Long GBP £1/Point
  7. Well I doubt I'll dig myself out without a top up.This thread was started because of my views of upcoming events and I don't want to lie about putting on positions etc even for a good purpose.I probably will fund my IB account and buy those bonds when the time comes.Gold will have its day before it's confiscated/given to the Israeli (false)King.This should still be an interesting thread until it or trading as we understand it,ends.If things don't happen this or next year,I have enough to see me out anyway.
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    If it is all ending this year or next year why are you wasting time on a trading forum? Get a bunch of credit cards and go to town. The joke is on them.
  9. The 'End' lasts 13 years and one month (although surviving Christians can hope for rescue end of '24/beginning of'25).See my other thread in politics and religion.I just thought it would be interesting to document the war and the arrival of the interesting players as long as possible.Just on the chance one person might not fall for the lie.This is a journal forum hence the journal.Market looking toppy here may short the DOW monday if it continues down.
  10. My equity today is £673 so I think I'll go in on monday and deposit another £1350 to take me back above £2000.The original intent was to trade £1/point for every thousand but I did use £50 a couple of times.I think I have that under control now and I have selected a method that I believe I can stick to that won't allow me to over trade.So I may have a daily trade on and an intraday at the same time both minimum positions.I'll also say each evening that I stuck to the minimum position size for accountability.Expect rapid account growth from now on.
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