Sup Ct - Orders Obamacare back to court

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jem, Nov 28, 2012.

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    It seems ObamaCare may not survive afterall. There are three assults on the bill that will end up in the Supreme court that they want to hear.

    1) The employer mandate violates the separation of church and state.

    2) The combines that some states refuse to setup must be setup by the feds but there was no funding provided for the feds to do this.

    3) The Constitution requires that all bills raising revenue originate in the House. ObamaCare originated in the Senate but was declared a tax by SCOTUS. There is a new challenge based on these gounds.
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    Yeah, run with the religious angle now.

    "Praying For A Miracle
    A religious man discovers that he has testicular cancer, and decides to pray for a miracle. The next day he visits a urologist, who tells him he must have surgery immediately. He tells the doctor "I do not want you to remove my testicle, I am praying for a miracle from God". Then he visits a radiologist, who tells him that he must begin radiation therapy immediately. He tells the doctor "I do not want you to expose my body to radiation, I am putting my faith in God." Finally he visits an oncologist, who tells him that he must start chemotherapy immediately. He tells the doctor "I do not want you to inject me with caustic chemicals, God will heal me." A few months later he dies and goes to heaven, where he is very upset and asks God why he didn't give him a miracle. God replies "I gave you three miracles, a urologist, an oncologist and a radiologist, but you chose to ignore them."
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    Run with now? i have been arguing that it is unconstitutional to make people pay for baby killing drugs since that facet of obamacare was announced.

    Justice Roberts knows Obamacare is unconstitutional and this will be the makeup call. He must have had a few months to get rid of whatever leverage they had over him.