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  1. Anyone like sun here? If you love pullbacks, this seems like a nice entry pt. compared to charts like rimm and bidu at the very top of their channels.

    Not sure about that large red volume stick,but it broke the earlier box on pretty good volume.
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  2. Yes now is a very good time to buy
  3. Arnie


    If you look up the definition of a "dog stock" you will SUNW. That stock has been trading between $3 and $5 for almost 4 years now. :D
  4. point well taken. That long term range does look pretty ugly.
  5. I like it here, and I purchased some last week. Every dog has it's day and I think it can do well if the market holds up.
  6. piezoe


    I think the only safe entry on SUNW is under $3. This is a company with tremendous technology and they have a large chunk of the European Server market. Their high-end servers may be the best available. They are sitting on mounds of cash. But, damnit, they have never had the least interest in turning a profit. Operate pretty much as a non-profit organization as far as i can tell.
  7. Too risky for me.. And that is saying a lot. They need better management to help clean out the divisions/services that are not performing. Hey, maybe Oracle will make a bid for them.. He's going everywhere else these days.
  8. Just shows you what it is that makes a market. I wouldn't buy this until it broke up through $5.63, closed strongly above that for a few days, and then fell back to touch that level. Check that level on the weekly chart. It has challenged this exact level every xx months but can't ever go above it. Also, compare the last couple of weeks in the $NQ with the SUNW chart. See a divergence?
  9. I have mentioned SUNW in conversation to a few people. I personality like it right here on a trade value but not sure it’s a long term investment. I don’t think its going to 10 anytime soon but if you got a point and a half on a five buck stock that’s an amazing % gain. I don’t think the company has a great future though.