sunw getting pounded...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by heilbronner, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. like a piece of meat. Wouldn't recommend to go long at the moment.

    But still, book value is $ 2,34 per share, so this should be a strong support.
  2. Is that something you've noticed before heilbronner, about book value being a support area? Just that a lot of the institutional "experts" (sell side analysts etc) don't really put a lot of stock into book value.
  3. IMHO it depends. A lot of book value in case of sunw is cash. Cash is definitly good support.

    Then you have to look into details. Of course, book value can be faked as anything else, US- Gaap isn't actually that good.

    In case the price of sunw goes under book value, watch out for Carl Icahn!!!!:cool:
  4. Cash and cash equivalents is about the only thing you can use with Sun. Expect a lot of fluff assets and capitalized expenses on their balance sheet (witness the sudden evaporation of a billion dollar asset just yesterday - it was a legit accounting entry, but a tax "asset" like that is only good if you're going to ever make enough profit to use it - which doesn't look good in their case).

    So book value is unlikely to be a good number (actually it's rarely a good number if you really dig into most company's balance sheets). The only practical measure would be to try to figure their breakup value. Don't know about Carl Icahn, but a takeover and management housecleaning (from the top down) could only be a good thing at this point.