Sunday WAR bets

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Will NK fire at SK/USA?

  1. YES they will shoot at us.

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  2. NO they will sit tight.

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  1. Sunday is the start of the potential showdown with NK/SK and the USA once the "Drills" begin.
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    NK shelling of the island is very grave. It appears NK has miscalculated and invited part of the US Navy for an indefinite stay.
  3. If they didnt want the US navy there, they wouldn't have done the shell. Only real question is why they wanted it.
  4. this is extention of currency war, with orders straight out of DC and Beijing.



    It’s the Saber Rattling Game! Its the same game with different players. Saddam used this game to good effect during the Gulf War. Here is how Kim Jong IL is likely playing his game.

    Step #1. - Find an easy target country with strong ties to the USA and its Media Circus, say,...South Korea.

    Step #2. - Having already preposition a group of non-descript traders who are now in-place in a neutral country, with both excellent access to banking and financial markets, start slowly accumulating block positions in Gold or some other event sensitive commodity or equity.

    Step #3. - Over the course of a few days, gradually start building a increasingly aggressive stance, posture, and dialogue with the target country. The intent is that all this will lead to a seminal event that will start the US MEDIA CIRCUS Fear Mongering Frenzy.

    Step #4. An hour before you trigger the seminal event, start buying humongus blocks of the commodity or equity.

    Step #5. Then execute! Roll the tanks, launch the rocket, shoot the cannon, and laugh all the way to the Swiss Bank next door. Repeat as often as necessary to fill the coffers.

    Everybody wins!
    1. The South Koreans get more US military assistance and attention!

    2. The News Media gains bigtime market share during the event!

    3. The US now has valid justification for a more aggressive military buildup across the board, backed by a unified patriotic furore!

    4. The North Koreans just rang the Cash Register Bigtime!

    5. The World Markets now have a feeding frenzy going on in a few selected markets, thus raising the bar for all markets!

    Meanwhile, people around the world start screaming "that crazy Kim may get us all killed", then 2 minutes later, go right back to playing Halo 2, or Donkey Kong.
  6. I do have to admit to #4 but not by prior knowledge, more like it opened up a great opportunity to short DEC IWM/SPY puts that day :)
  7. Non -event. Do your really think N Korea wants to fuck with Obama?

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to finish my fallout shelter. I'm not nervous or anything. I just figure it adds more value in this market than a pool.
  8. bet they got a swf investing in these markets or tied to a hedge fund,,the more sables they rattle the greater the value of there hedges, kim il jong probably wants a new x box for christmas
  9. NK/SK issue will resolve with out an all out. NK's neighbor to the north is still in infrastructure build out mode and economics of the global consumer that US/China have would place both nations at odds. Which would not be advisable because of the debt holdings of one of the sovereign nations.

  10. Ya that would go unnoticed :cool:

    Nice theory but highly impractical.
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