sunday night / monday am - pm

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  1. where do you think the futures will open
    and close in the next 24 Trading Hour Time Frame ?

    open higher / close lower

    open lower / close higher

    open higher / close higher

    open lower / close lower

    little changed either way
  2. I am looking for a lower open sunday night

    but am hopeful that the end of month will
    lend support to the stock index futures

    April Fools day could be a tricky one :)
  3. Pabst


    Presume you're long and looking to add lower?:confused:
  4. is quite small compared to the hedge fund world

    but sometimes I do take some stuff home over the weekend

    and try to arb out of it overnight sunday into monday
  5. You still have 30 hours of war news to influence the Sunday nite opening, and war news seems to be the biggest correct that only thing that is making the market move.
  6. asian SARS news

  7. Pabst


    War news seems deciding bullish tonight.
  8. of traders so far in the poll

    but it looks like the verdict is for a lower open tonight
  9. Lower open! How did you guys all anticipate that?
  10. the after hours late friday market in the ETF's

    was sellers over ....

    to be honest I did not think we would hit this level

    down about 5 handles so early in the overnight
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