Sunday night futures always RED

Discussion in 'Trading' started by silk, Oct 6, 2002.

  1. silk


    Seems like every sunday night i check the futures and they are down a few points. This is one hell of a BEAR.
  2. if a communist is elected in brazil it means yet another default for C and friends. Are the results in, btw? Vice versa might also be true.
  3. machine


    Don't forget about that french tanker thing.
  4. yeah, that's two doozies. if they rally out of this that'll be saying something.
  5. Plus the longshoremen strike that many thought would get resolved over the weekend.

    Strike three.
  6. Look at Drudgereport link to story on German bank possible failure. Don't want to over-psyche to the downside though.

    Don't want to have the right ladder but the wrong wall.
  7. JayS


    Nikkei -296.84

    19 year low
  8. A lot of people are looking for an October Crash a la '87. The problem is that in 87 nobody expected a crash. I don't think we can have a real crash with so many people short. But we could still bleed out another thousand dow points over the next month.
  9. cheeks


    I agree.

    The Dow is way oversold and sitting on a major S/R level. Defintley has me sitting upright and paying attention.
  10. IMO,

    If the S&P drops much at all the first day then we are in for a slide - is there really anything positive going on to stop the slide?

    Level 800 down to ??????

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