Sunday fun-day poll

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sam Contari, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. Who is your favorite ET troll of all-time??
  2. hitman a troll?

    sheesh, i can understand you might still be shell shocked after being unceremoniously dumped from these boards (we know who u are), but calling hitman a troll is pathetic!

    biggest troll?

  3. does he only get 11.11% of the vote so far?

    you are in the minority here.
  4. Actually Vinny got the 11%. Hitman got 0%.

    Yes, we all know who you are Sam Contari! (who are you :confused: )
  5. I know who you are too :D
  6. That's more than I know :(
  7. go ask alice..
  8. Momento


    SHORT BOY !! :D

  9. hwy jerk whats with all the ads and junk when i click on your signature?? i dont appreciate that man!

    Now i have to run SpyBot!:mad:
  10. Well if you clicked on the ads you'd see there's nothing there. Next time, just don't click.
    #10     Feb 9, 2003