Sun Valley, Idaho?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by facultus, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Anyone in Sun Valley or Boise?
  2. great skiing their in Sun Valley........going this winter their for a week!

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    This is old info, but boise used to have a pretty good shop downtown run by the jones bros,--I can remember only eric's name.

    They were a branch office of what used to be online investments, renamed hold brothers out of nyc, but I dont know what happened to the boise office. They had a pretty active shop, when I visited some 20 traders' there's got to be somebody still in the area trading.....

    They were downtown on the first floor in an old brick building across fm a killer diner where the waitress called you "honey."

  4. I'm in Boise!

    Sun Valley is cool too. I personally think the resort skiing in SV is overrated, but the mtn biking, x-country skiing and backcountry skiing are all excellent. The trail systems for biking and x-country skiing are world class. I've given some thought to moving there but can't get past the lack of whitewater in the area.

    I thought the only trading shop in Boise closed a couple years ago, but I could be mistaken. I never paid too much attention to them.

    Are you in SV Facultus?