Sun holiday in Florida... where?

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    I don't know southern FL, but I want a sun holiday. What's a good town to start in, searching for resorts and such?
  2. palm beach-- omphoy resort has the best deals up or down the coast right on the ocean.... if you like the asian, buddha vibe-- if not try westin in hallandale/hollywood for good decent deals for on the ocean.
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    Brother Riccie, I recommend starting in San Diego and going at least to San Francisco.
    Best drive in USA.
  4. i like the west coast of florida better than the east coast. sanibel captiva marco islands areas. st peterberg is nice too but too many young people.
    two years ago i drove the whole state of florida along the coast. started on north side drove all the way to key west and back up the other side.
  5. amen. i have done that one but i rec going all the way to washington. most beautiful drive in america. i also rec you start north and drive south. that way you are driving right on the edge all the way.
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    I prefer Hawaii than FL but how about Sausalito huh? I love it there because I have a lovely little cabin there. ( I work in Asia but back to the States 3 to 4 times a year ) There are some very good charming, romantic hotels there lol :D If you and you wife wanna travel overseas for perfect peaceful relaxing sun and water holiday, then Maldives is the best :D

    Ricter, ..happy romantic holiday with your wife.:)
  7. Go to marco and the west coast, ric.

    More peaceful and relaxing than the east coast.

    I lived in so fla for fifteen years.
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    Delray Beach highly recommended. Great getaway. Super beaches, town is right on the water. Just north of Boca and Ft. Lauderdale, just south of Palm Beach. An hour drive down to Miami and the grove. Nice bars and restaurants, shopping. Fly into West Palm.

    Drive it on Google Maps.
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    For a piece of trash like dick-ter, Miami should do it. Hopefully he disappears!!!
  10. Star burgerfi rocks!

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