Sums many up on here

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bogan7, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. I just heard a saying that just about sums up many on here with their stupid uninformed predictions that have grown like a cancer on this site.

    It goes along the lines

    "People with knowledge dont make predictions people without knowledge do"
  2. hughb


    Yeah for the most part. But it's a chat board, let people chat and make market calls if they want. I always used to say, "traders trade, chatters make market calls". But I was being arrogant. No real harm in making predictions for the sake of conversation.
  3. I agree Bogan. The problem is that this is the internet. Its a place where the people who believe they deserve the respect they crave and dont get it in the real world come to flex their anonymous internet muscles and pretend to be what they wish they were in real life. See this current fool riskfreetrading screen name on ET the last few days for a perfect example of what I am talking about.

    There is no real consequence for being a fool on an internet board or chat room since you don’t have to look people in the eye. All that leads to is the weak character people screaming for attention they cant get in the real world.