summer to FORGET

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  1. Maybe it was just me,but was this the worst summer for trading ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please,I would love to hear some feedback from other traders.
  2. This summer was great for me. I made money. When people were thinking doom and gloom, I stayed bullish or flat. Nobody's mentioning the Hindenburg anymore. [​IMG]
  3. Disagree. Intraday the volatility was not that good but it was not like 2006-07 with the VIX flatlining at 10.

    Longer-term, you had a 10% fall and 10% rebound in stocks, you had a 10-15% rally in gold and some gold stocks are up 50%+, you had big moves up in the currencies, the go-go stocks have been on fire, wheat, cotton and other commodities have had giant rallies, and several premium blue chips have rallied 15-20%.

    If you can't find any opportunity in moves like that, then it is your trading, not the market, that is the problem.
  4. As I said,maybe it was me.It seemed that there was no follow thru,I would see two candles down and jump in short,just to have that down move retraced with one candle on half the volume.
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    big money is out of this market. big money is not trading or investing this market. too much political and market uncertainty.

    volume is too thin for initiation of large short or long position. and the gov't is too in control of the markets. the marke will fall on it's own weight or accord not by shorts since nobody is selling and lots of liquidity from fed buying t-bills.etc.. the market will probably trade at these trading range. it'll take another disaster like soverign debt default for the markets to crash like in 2008 oct to march 2009. the crash of 2008 was foreseen as way back as 2007,,the market only crash because there was no option. bascially the system was too much in debt. or too much in the hole. the gov't bailed out bear stearns than realize all the banks and firms needed bailout.

    deflation: market blames the gov't
    inflation: market blames the gov't
    interest rates too high: market blames the gov't
    interest rates too low: market blames the gov't
    unemployment too high: market blames the gov't

    less gov't is better gov't....the problem is too much is leaving USA and fewer immigration to US. why move to the US..US has benefitted from immigration of financial capital and human capital since 1945.. countries which attract capital or capital friendly prosper. just look at cuba,,,people are not allowed to invest in cuba...and the country can't prosper(low GDP) everything is expensive for the working people o nothing to buy..US bans americans from investing in cuba

    americans don't want to own their own currency or gov't debt which is a problem if americans don't want to buy gov't t-bills why would anyone else..why should china buy US t-bills if american investors are not buying gov't debt.

    right now. the only entity buying gov't t-bills is the fed. in reality there is little demand or the investments in the t-bills are short term..

    coming to wall street is the biggest mistake the gov't has ever done...wall street is a blackhole for the US gov't.. wall street doesn't produce anything,,,the only thing wall street produce is price and 90% of the money or volume is for speculation. big money investors rarely buy or sell..wall street is mostly for trading.

    The gov't was only required to prevent AIG failing because many funds and institutions bought insurance from AIG. it was a failure of the system due to fraud not from structure problems.

    the gov't intervention of wall stret is bad for wall street as gov't regulation has already shut down prop trading and if this gets any further the gov't could ban trading forex for retailers..and ban leverage for fores, ban futures etc.ban options..ban trading commoditiy ETF ban CFD ban trading. ban HFT programs ban this ban that. abandon market.

  6. Whatever,I dont care about all that stuff.
    I am a trader
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    Big money is the <b>only</b> participant in this market. The little, emotional money is gone.

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    Not the worst summer ever but a lot tougher than in '08 and '09 when there was much more volatility.
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    The little guy (retail) who got clobberred in '08/09 hasn't returned and institutional money makes up a larger percentage of daily volume than several years ago.
  10. Almost every serious trader I know had their best month in a long time in September.
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