Summer Reading - Trading books

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  1. What are you guys reading?

    I am looking for book recommendations, preferably recent books published in the last 2-5 years. Not reminiscence of the stock trader or the disciplined trader etc:)

    I am currently reading Barton Biggs book 'Hedghogging'. An excellent book, would highly recommenced it.

    There is a good ET thread on Barton book, if anyone is interested.
  2. Inside the House of Money : Top Hedge Fund Traders on Profiting in the Global Markets (Hardcover)
    by Steven Drobny

    A good book on Macro hedge fund traders.
  3. toryj


    I'm reading "The Logical Trader" by Mark Fisher and "Options and Options Trading: A Simplified Course That Takes You From Coin Tosses to Black-Scholes" by Robert Ward.

    Here's a video of Fisher talking about his ACD method. He's really funny and the video is definitely worth watching.
  4. Hi there , well I think that there are plenty of good trading books out there . Here are a few titles that I like : The Guide to electronic trading-Jay Yu

    Books on technical and intermarket analysis by John Murphy and Martin Pring

    Secrets of economic indicators- Bernard Baumohl

    Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation-Stephen H Penman (basic knowledge of balance sheets needed- maybe some background in finance)

    Its a lot of work when you look back at it over the years.