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  1. All the old adages just don't work anymore.

    Maybe October will be a huge up month.

    Santa Clause rally will deliver coal.
  2. "Sell in July and say Goodbye?" :p
  3. The problem is nothing rhymes with August.
  4. Time to ADJUST in August

    The market combusts in August

    August leaves you in disgust

    Money turns to dust in August

    The market shows thrust in August.

    Thats all for now.
  5. Nice, so much for summer doldrums.
  6. Longs shall be filled with disgust
    As fear shall cause portfolios to readjust
    Until that day when the swarm of hungry shorts
    Shall be impaled upon the sudden august upthrust

    Tradernomicon 8:07 :p
  7. notouch


    Who is fussed
    about August?
    We must just trust
    the market thrust!
  8. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    Heat makes wavy line
    leaves doubters behind
    sour faces
  9. Nice!

    " Trust Your Gut In August "
  10. 'BUST'
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