Summer Profits vs the Rest of the Year for DayTraders

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Summer Profits vs the Rest of the Year for DayTraders

  1. summer noticeably higher

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  2. summer somewhat higher

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  3. about the same

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  4. summer is somewhat lower

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  5. summer is noticeably lower

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  1. How your Average Summer Profit compares to your Average Profit per the other nine months? All profits are per quarter, not total summer profit vs total nine other month profit.

    Is there such a thing as seasonally best quarter/month for daytraders? worst quarter/month?
  2. I think the profit is the same and in fact it is
  3. same
  4. slightly higher the last two years, but I tend to trade only the morning sessions (futures) during summer months --hmmmm maybe I should look into that!
  5. this summer got jump started with some nice volatility
  6. getting killed here
  7. Interesting poll
  8. making lots of $$$

  9. These people trade tick by tick, count pennies and go home with enough cash to buy bread and small bottle of JIM BEAM. You are asking these penny pickers about quarterly accounting?
  10. All you dayscalpers and screen jockeys make me and my staff chuckle. You try and squeeze your nickel and dime here and there but fail to see how us big traders trade. You are content scraping by enough for a value meal at your local grease shop and a bottle of cheap booze to get you through the night. You are a sad sight.
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