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  1. I thought that this might be the best forum to ask this question:

    Where can I find good summaries, hopefully on a web site, of the general economic and market conditions of the countries on this fair planet? In other words, I'd like to be able to look up GDP growth, how the currency has been doing and the general fundamentals of their country, i.e. openness of labor markets, deregulation of utilities, etc.

    I've come across miscellaneous articles that describe a country here or there, such as Ireland, Brazil, Chile, etc. that are generally going in the right direction. But I figured there has to be a site out there that gives more summarized information.
  2. CIA factbook, (.com) its quite good.
    Just google and search by country-couldnt post the link, had a warning box saying i might be spied on:p

    Not updated a lot, but for overveiws of markets, economy, resources , demographics, its a great resource.
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  4. That makes sense: the CIA knows everything anyway.
  5. I've always wondered what it would be like to be a 3rd world despot sucking millions from the poor and the U.N. all the while trying to build my own backyard nuclear device in order to gain global recognition.
  6. "deregulation of utilities"

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  8. I would have suggested the CIA factbook too but I hear the CIA are now putting their entries directly in wikipedia so try there.
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