Suing The Fossil Fuel Industry

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  1. Why doesn't Texas sue the corporations? If not Texas, why doesn't the Federal Government try to recoup money from corporations for the reparation of Houston and surrounding area?

    I don't understand what the difference would be in a court of law between suing the Fossil Fuel Industry for willfully misleading the public of the dangers of unrestrained use of their products on the climate, and the many lawsuits brought against the tobacco industry. For example:

    $23.6 Billion Lawsuit Winner to Big Tobacco: "Are You Awake Now?"

    Are you awake now? Do you hear what the jury is saying? You have to stop," Cynthia Robinson wants to tell the tobacco industry. The Florida widow recently won a $23.6 billion lawsuit against tobacco company R.J. Reynolds, one of the largest recent judgments on the industry, and in an interview with TIME, she says she hopes they listen to the jury's message.

    Robinson's husband Michael Johnson died in 1996 at age of 36 from lung cancer, and in her lawsuit against R.J. Reynolds, she and her attorneys argued that the company was aware that cigarettes were addictive and caused lung cancer, but was negligent in telling smokers like Johnson about those risks


    It is well known that Exxon scientists warned Exxon management that the burning of fossil fuels cause dangerous climate change. Why isn't a similar lawsuit brought against the Fossil Fuel Industry?
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    1. Who would be awarded the damages?
    2. How does one prove that a specific company and only that company (XOM and only XOM, not COP or CVX or forest fires or some Gigafactory) was entirely responsible for the damages being claimed?
    3. What are the actual damages? How does their lung cancer was caused by fossil fuels instead of some genetic factor or being exposed to second hand smoke at some point in their life?
    4. Who are the recipients of whatever damages are awarded? Wouldn't that be everyone on the planet? How much benefit would each person receive from the settlement?
    5. Instead of suing companies, why not sue all drivers or anyone who has ever flown on a fossil fuel vehicle or used energy produced from burning fossil fuels...might as well throw coal in there too. It was actually the consumer that produced the emissions. How are they exempt from blame? Or maybe sue China as they produce most of the world's carbon emissions.
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    Certainly, in the earth's billion year history, this is the first hurricane to ever cause flooding. ROFLMAO!
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    Just wanted to mention that the earth has more history than 1 billion years.
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    Aware of this.