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  1. Hi, I have had rather shoddy cable service for the last 6 mos. they have promised numerous times to fix it and have never come through. Now the service has been out for over a week and they don't intend to get service back to new orleans for a month at minimum. Can I sue them for missed work, missed wages, and trades that have gone wrong cause their service has gone down? Does anyone have any experience with this or info?
  2. Praetorian,

    They probably covered themselves for such an eventuality in your contractual service agreement with them...

  3. they may have, but this is downright negligent.. how can they say that their workers quit so they can't continue an upgrade that they began a week ago? What if ebay's cable company just quit?
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    I hope you can sue them...although I doubt it. I absolutely hate those bastards. They have been my only option for high-speed internet. If I had ANY other choice at all, I'd drop those crooks at Cox in a heartbeat. I could spend hours and pages describing the lies and cons they have played on me and other customers for the past few years, but this isn't the place. I did help get them fined last year, and will contribute to doing so again this year.
  5. how did you get them fined.. i just called their customer service and asked them which lawyer they'd recommend to hire in suing them. I complained to the local bbb, but i know it won't do much. I will really do anything possible to get a hefty fine against them though. Any cost at all.
  6. OT:
    Funniest point of the day was when I finally got through to cox and some middle level manager was giving me the go around.. I asked him point blank:

    Me:"are you embarrased?"
    Him: "huh?"
    Me:"Are you embarrased that Osama still has cable and I don't"
    Him:"you see, new orleans is a difficult environment to work in and fix problems"
    Me:"For god sakes. He's living in a f*cking cave that's being bombed every day!!!! He's still sending out email messages. Why has it taken you over a week to fix an internet problem that is affecting the whole city?"
    Him:"Thank you for choosing Cox. Your high speed internet answer"
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    I'm on a few boards of companies based in jurisdictions that Cox holds dear. We have a good bit of interaction with the municipal governing bodies of those jurisdictions - I live there too. Every chance I get to gab with one of the supervisors, I share a Cox horror story. Most of the supervisors tell me that they have a staff person assigned specifically to deal with Cox complaints.

    Since Cox is the only cable provider in the jurisdiction, the governing body brought them forward a few years ago and set strict customer service standards for a number of areas. Cox violated every one of them and was fined mid 6 figures. The following year, I kept harping on all the continued problems with the local chairman over a beer. He just kept shaking his head and saying "We're gonna fine them harder this year." Like I needed to complain...but it felt good.

    Where I live, when you call Cox, the greeting says "We are aware of the outage in your area and are working to resolve it." That is the greeting. I wasn't calling about my cable being out.
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    I never had any problems with Cox @ home except a few first months when they just started service in my area. But in the last months after @ home going bankruptcy and Cox install their own network, situation become nightmare . Constant outages during the day, usually no longer than one minute. Sometimes Internet just go out suddenly for several hours at the time (over weekend it was all day).
    forget about to call technical support if I can get through busy signal it take at least three hours in average on hold.

    HOPE this transitional periods will not take much longer.
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  10. Comcast in N.J. almost as bad, bugs in software, very slow at times, NO tech support, can't get thur and wrong info when you do. Swithing to DSL soon.........Pat
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