Suicidal and Depressed traders

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    Don't trade if you are suicidal and depressed because you will make a suicidal and sabotage trade and a trade that will make you depressed (lose money) Unconscious mind at work. don't drink or do drugs because it clouds reality.
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    I can't trade if I'm depressed and suicidal and it's got nothing to do with the market.

    Don't blame the market.
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    Making and Losing money doesn't matter anymore

    winning doesn't matter.
  4. Neither does this thread
  5. I'm suicidal and depressed if I can't trade.
  6. Chicken, meet egg.
  7. We are depressed because we have every reason to be depressed. No members of the other 90k + traders which inhabit ET--and who are luckily exempt from depression--would fail to be depressed if they lived the life we lead. We have a deranged sense of winning and losing and losing and winning--more deranged than usual, because despite great scientific and technological advances ( Timmays book is no help either, prolly what depressed us in the first place) and trading systems consisting of "paper , scissors, rock", we have not the faintest idea of who we are or what we are doing. "Excuse me, while I look for my crayons."
  8. My psychiatrist asked about my recent bout of depression. He asked how am I doing. I said, “I’m fine. I used to use the wrong words in a sentence on occasion, but now I’m push-up bra fuse box Hubert Humphrey.
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    like traders, not all psychitrist are the same.

    a bad psychiatrisate make you depression worse or no improvement they just want you to come back for more...if you are cured they lose a client.
  10. Psychiatrist Dr. Stu Nata was recently stripped of his credentials and permanently banned from Psychiatric practice because of his statement of curing a "trader" rather than “treating” his symptoms. His actions were deemed contrary to modern psychiatric practice by the licensing board and by the Psychiatric Profit Society.

    Dr. Stu Nata raised the ire of his colleagues and the licensing board because he employed a non-approved method of diagnosis and treatment, (paper.scissors, rock best two out of three, that sort of thing).

    The licensing bureau’s statement says it all. “We can’t have just anyone going around and ‘curing’ a quant, now can we?” stated the Dr. Dubious of the licensing bureau, “I mean really, how do we know that his patient was cured? Just because someone feels better or beta going back and having a successful narrow edge is no reason to not give them a lifetime of psychiatric treatment
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