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  1. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Does this message board have a spellcheck function in the Preview screen? If there is could you implement it?

    We were going to implement a spellcheck solution that was provided by a third party service, but that company recently went under with many of the other dot coms so I don't have a definite answer for this right now.

    Baron, is there any way that you could make it so that new postings that I have not yet read would be indicated on the home page.

    Yes. That will be implemented on the next version of the boards. I was hoping to have it finished by now but I got sick last week so it's thrown me back a little. It's now looking like it will be the end of the month.

    Need a ignore " this nick ". Im tired of reading certain ones

    This will be also be implemented on the next version.

    So i thought " its to bad there isnt a " Thread hall of fame " maybe posted at the top of list of the "hotthreads" on the homepage.

    Even if it's only done manually at first, I think a hall of fame forum that simply contains closed, exceptional threads would be a good idea.

    One thing i would like to see is a new option for the search function. When i ask for all posts by a certain member -- i get a list of the threads they have posted in.

    Yes, the search function at the top of each page is really just a keyword search that search the actual text of messages. Searching by username is a function that already exists on the advanced search page, the problem is that the advanced search feature isn't really promoted. I'll fix that soon. In the meantime, you can get to it at

    Another: are you folks considering increasing/upgrading your servers and band width any time soon. Refresh rates can get a little slow at times. just curious -- the wait is always worth it on this site!

    I didn't realize there was a problem with page loading. We haven't received any complaints in quite a while about the site being abnormally slow. However, if we receive more complaints, I'll look into it.

    In addition, "Ignore this Thread"

    The option of ignoring a thread is not currently in the gameplan for the next release. That will have to come later in the year.

    Just one suggestion: Make accessing the latest posts easier (i.e. don't make readers travel to the last page to find the most recent posts). Otherwise good job.

    I assume you're referring to accessing the last posts from the homepage. If so, that shouldn't be a problem.

    I appreciate all of your suggestions! Thanks!
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  2. Maxito


    Great Site! Spell check would be most helpful, please keep looking. How about a FAQ for us new guys? I'm working the threads one by one, but worry about "site etiquette".

    Thanks again for a "JOB WELL DONE"!
    #32     Jul 21, 2001
  3. Hi Baron

    I love your website. It is definetely one of the best!

    I would like to be able to receive all the threads as emails! Either everytime somethings is posted or by the end of the day/week. Possible?

    #33     Jul 23, 2001
  4. Grabbit


    It may have been asked before, but anyway: What is the meaning of the blue downward arrow at a subject's title? :confused:
    #34     Aug 8, 2001
  5. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Clicking on the blue down arrow beside a thread title will take you to the first post that has been added since your last visit.

    That feature is on the way.
    #35     Aug 8, 2001
  6. Grabbit


    Thanks Baron. It never occurred to me that I should click on it... It's stupid, I know...
    #36     Aug 8, 2001
  7. fast


    I like the new, expanded categories for discussion topics. Nice!

    [I am talking about the categories seen after clicking on "More Topics.." on the home page.]

    #37     Aug 18, 2001
  8. tymjr


    That sounds fantastic, but forgive me, because I've looked everywhere for this little blue down arrow and I cannot find it. I see little green sideways arrows on the homepage but that's it. Any idea why this may be? TIA

    #38     Aug 18, 2001
  9. Fohat



    It'll be nice for every thread to have a number assigned to each post, so that subsequently it'll be much easier to find again a particular post in a thread.

    This indexing will also open the opportunity for the search function to return the particular post, instead of the whole thread, as it is now.

    #39     Aug 18, 2001
  10. Grabbit


    It's a cookie controlled thing, make sure you have cookies on (and maybe you also have to be logged in, I'm not quite sure)
    #40     Aug 19, 2001