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  1. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    The only problem with pruning posts by date is that you also delete comments that aren't so date-sensitive, such as trading strategies, advice, links to other resources, etc.

    I'm just not sure what the best solution is for this.

    #21     Jan 28, 2001
  2. Dustin


    Hi Baron,

    This is kind a petty request, and it may not be possible. I was wondering if there is a way to make the email alert link direct you straight to the last page of the thread. Call me lazy, but it would speed things up.
    #22     May 23, 2001
  3. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Ok, that feature has been added. In fact, it should have worked on the email you received as a result of this reply.

    #23     May 23, 2001
  4. Dustin


    Thanks it worked!
    #24     May 23, 2001
  5. Dustin


    Hi Baron,

    Does this message board have a spellcheck function in the Preview screen? If there is could you implement it?

    #25     Jun 30, 2001
  6. Baron, is there any way that you could make it so that new postings that I have not yet read would be indicated on the home page.
    #26     Jun 30, 2001
  7. Knyyt


    Hi Baron,

    Thanks for the excellant site, thought i would make my two suggestions.

    1. Need a ignore " this nick ". Im tired of reading certain ones, left all others boards ( SI,MSN,yahoo, you name it, i dont read them anymore ) to come to this one cause everyone was cool here and now it seems a few show up that are just plain AH's that i dont care to even see their name.

    2. This is just a wild thought off the top of my head. Been reading a great thread named " my story ", and wondered what is going to happen to it sometime down the road. Alot of work went into from the peeps posting there. So i thought " its to bad there isnt a " Thread hall of fame " maybe posted at the top of list of the "hotthreads" on the homepage. Maybe it could be setup that each registered to the site person gets one vote only, and would vote for a thread to be included. After a bit that person may change his/her mind, and could vote on thread#2 and it would remove the vote from original thread that was voted on. Just a idea..

    Good Day..
    #27     Jul 19, 2001
  8. gh1



    One thing i would like to see is a new option for the search function. When i ask for all posts by a certain member -- i get a list of the threads they have posted in.

    Some times wading through a large thread is just too time consuming. Is it possible to just have the post with reference to the thread as an option.

    Another: are you folks considering increasing/upgrading your servers and band width any time soon. Refresh rates can get a little slow at times. just curious -- the wait is always worth it on this site!

    Keep up the good work! I think you have achieved your goal stated in the first message in this thread

    #28     Jul 19, 2001
  9. Jeffrey


    In addition, "Ignore this Thread"

    #29     Jul 19, 2001
  10. Just one suggestion: Make accessing the latest posts easier (i.e. don't make readers travel to the last page to find the most recent posts). Otherwise good job.
    #30     Jul 19, 2001