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  1. It seems the broker ratings are being abused....check out Castle trading - comments and e-mail addresses
    #11     Oct 31, 2000
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Castle just got the boot. False ratings will not be tolerated, as they benefit nobody.

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  3. Baron,

    seems you have the same problem ( as with Castle ) with Noble Trading

    Checkout the ratings of:

    Victor Coronel and Victoria Belenkova

    "Both" have the same email address :

    Keep ET clean.
    #13     Nov 1, 2000
  4. vinigar


    I have been following the articles on Freetradez. They
    are very interesting. Thank you for providing a great discussion site which seems to attract serious and well meaning traders. Would you please consider adding Freetradez
    to your Broker Ratings. It would certainly help with further
    consideration of this firm in the future.
    #14     Nov 4, 2000
  5. Vinigar - I agree it's a good idea to add FreeTradez to the list of brokers - but not just yet. When they finally open for business - and investors can actually begin trading - seems like the appropriate time to consider adding FreeTradez to the list of brokers. Investors will then be able to comment on their impressions - either positive or negative. :)
    #15     Nov 5, 2000
  6. Hi wirelessbull,

    FreeTradez still not up & running ? :rolleyes:

    #16     Nov 5, 2000
  7. Privateer - FreeTradez hasn't been fully launched - i.e. investors can't trade or use the trading platform yet. There is a delay because of changing clearing firms to Miller,Johnson & Kuehn... .

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  8. mjt



    I'm seeing some disappointing reviews on some of these brokers, yet with an up arrow recommending the broker. For example, look at the reviews for Cybercorp and Worldco. It looks like people are not seeing the part about whether to recommend the broker. If you could change it so that there is no default 'yes' for this question, that would be helpful.
    #18     Dec 5, 2000
  9. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    mjt, thanks for the feedback. The specific ratings you mentioned have also been brought up by several people through email. I have corrected those ratings to "more accurately reflect the true intent of the voters". :)

    I have also implemented your suggestion about removing the default selection of yes. Now, if a person tries to submit a firm without selecting yes or no, an error message will pop up telling them that they missed the recommendation question. That should solve the problem.

    Thanks for the suggestion,

    #19     Dec 6, 2000
  10. I have been reading some of the comments on brokers and trading only to find that some comments are a year and a half old. Is it really useful to have comments displayed that are that old? One comment talked about Datek just instituting its direct access back in April 1999. Yiikes this is Jan 2001. Otherwise I have found the comments useful and informative.
    #20     Jan 28, 2001