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    I want to remind all members that your constructive criticism of this site is always appreciated and that your reports of any problems is essential to keep everything running smoothly. I'm serious about making this site the best site in existence for active traders, but I can't do it without your input.


  2. good the rankings and ratings, would be good to also show at the top the average rating for each service, so we can see at a glance brokers strong/weak points.
  3. mjt


    Love the changes. What I would like to see in addition to broker ratings is trading platform ratings. Since many brokers share the same trading software, it seems redundant to review the same software multiple times for different brokerages.

    For example, there could be reviews for Real Tick, Tradecast, RediPlus, FrontEnd (or Virtual Trader), etc. Categories could be charting, execution/quote speed, reliability, etc. My guess is that most of these ratings are consistent from one broker to the next who use the same platform.

    There are about 5 platforms that more than one broker utilizes, and probably another 15 or so brokers use proprietary platforms. The most comprehensive list I know of is at
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    GlobalTrader, thanks. That will be implemented ASAP.

    mjt. The trading platform ratings is next on the agenda. The only reason it's not already done is because I wanted to make sure the broker's ratings system was relatively bug free before I worked on another one.

  5. Baron - great new look.

    Anyway you can put the "last time at the forum" date/time back on the forum page though? I can't check the forums everyday and don't always remember exactly when the last time was I checked and having the last time here date/time was a great prompt.

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    As far as I can tell, you can't edit your broker ratings. I would like to be able to do that; I have already thought of a few changes/additions I would like to make to mine.
  7. Baron - my constructive criticism is that your new website is excellent ! I've been meaning to post this for the last few days but wasn't sure which thread to post to. Keep up the great work !! :)
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    globaltrader, the average rankings is now done.

    Archangel, the "last time visited" feature is now done.

    mjt, the editable broker's ratings is something I'll have to think about. In order to make it work, I'll have to require that only members can use the broker's ratings so they can be authenticated before being allowed to edit their rating. That's something I wanted to steer away from because I wanted people to be able to rate their broker without having to become a member just to do it.

    I'll kick it around over the next day or two and see if I can come up with a way to pull it off. Thanks for the input.


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    you've done a great job updating the site. one suggestion, rather than going to the first page of a discussion when clicking on the link, could you default to the last page?

    - def
  10. Baron - thanks for the last visited time stamp. Really like the new site look.
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