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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Humpy, Sep 25, 2006.

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    1. Because it is so difficult to find a suitable system especially for newcomers perhaps ET could have their own in-house reviews ( neutral of course ) of software. If you think that you haven't the time then farm out software to interested members for their appraisal. This would be greatly appreciated by many.
    2. Have daily/weekly/monthly competitions with prizes. For instance forecasting the Dow. The player with the most points in the time period wins.
    3.Auction section for software, hardware etc. ET could earn some here.
    4. A trading simulator - especially useful for newbies. A spreadbet company or IB would probably pay ET for the privelege.

    Well thats a few ideas to enhance the website - if you dont others will !!
  2. Naw , go the whole hog.

    Integrate ET, as an ib for half the reputable firms out there, for the other half, get an offshore entity for international clients/cfd/spread betters,
    organise a corprative to start an integrated betting on everything company (virtual poker tourneys, football, maybe even etc) and it would be huge.

    Perhaps, bigger than Mr. Market.

    But, what price, independance?
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    Hopefully ET isn't just going to ignore comments about the site.
    Basically a very good and interesting site but YOU gotta move forward guys - you aren't the best financial site anymore, the competition are improving and are not afraid of suggestions.
    SO c'mon guys lets WAKE UP a bit
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    More threads arguing about Grob! More more more, I tell you! That's what ET needs!

  5. What sites (the competition as you made reference to) is already doing all the above as a forum???

    As for #4 to use a simulator via your own broker and not via a simulator you will never actually place a real trade.

    Simply, trading via a platform you will never use from real trading can be dangerous in your preparation to traverse from simulator to trading with real money.

    The auction stuff sounds cool but may be much easier for Baron to just do a partnership with Ebay or something of the like.

    As I mentioned already...what forum is already doing the above???

  6. #3 - there is already a classified section.
    #4 - agree with the above post.
    #2 - don't think most people really care.
    #1 - ?; aren't there reviews already.

    I think it is smart business for Baron not to take his eye off his core competency by trying to build an auction site or simulator. Why would he do that?