Suggestions please for backup programme?

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  1. Suggestions please for backup programme to use on 2 PCs.
    Both PCs have CD/DVD drives.

    I want to backup both desktop and laptop pc's onto the same DVD+RW disk and add incrementals weekly or so.

    Must be able to add data to the same disk but backing up from 2 pc's and obviously restore to both pc's if necessary. Also, I need Vista Support.

  2. My favorite back up program was Seagate BackupEXEC which got bought out by Veritas, now I think STOMP Inc bought it out.

    I just use Norton GHOST now to back up everything to either DVDs or an external hard drvie.
  3. Acronis True Image. Works perfectly.
  4. Natella


    You can use Paragon Drive Backup (

    I completely restored my computer with the software. It worked flawlessly and completely restored my C drive and all applications. The program has saved me countless hours of rebuilding, no doubt - it is one of the best backup products I have ever worked with!

    I really do not advise Norton Ghost, I had a bad experience... even more it has no vista support now..

    Hope I could help you!
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    You need the most reliable program. The last thing you need is problem when you need to restore your data. Norton and others have problems. I used Acronis to completely restore my computer. It is not problems free, but much better than others. See
  6. Acronis and Retrospect. Acronis definitely has the better user-interface, but both are very quick, very reliable, and used in large corporations (read, accepted, well-established product!). HTH.
  7. In the past, I have tested back-up situations in an IT environment with both Acronis and Ghost.

    I prefer Acronis as the better backup software.

    - Greg
  8. any comments on casper XP?
  9. Suggest backing up to external hard drive. Optic media's failure rate is too high.
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