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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by mjt, Sep 21, 2001.

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  1. mjt



    One thing I see repeatedly is threads ending up in the wrong discussion forum. I believe that when newer members start a new thread, they don't automatically realize that the threads are organized under different forums, or they don't realize how to put the thread under a specific forum. The thread defaults to the same forum of the thread you happen to be viewing when you start a new one. It would be helpful to be given the choice of forum when you begin a new thread.
  2. I 2nd that ....
  3. def

    def Sponsor

    one more suggestion:
    The e-mail feature is great but you only get a notice if you post. Would it be possible to have an option added to receive notice of an update on a thread even if you do not post.

  4. sallyboy

    sallyboy Guest

    Having the option to receive an e-mail notification to thread updates without having to post is a great suggestion (if it's possible).
  5. There seem to be two different icons for a closed thread.

    You might want to close the 2000 thread.

    Also, did you change the way the site keeps track of what has been read already? I used to get a banch of red folders, and that wouldn't change until I refreshed the Discussion page, now when I get back to the list of threads, the folder for the thread I was just in turns yellow.

    What I usually do is open the Discussion page, then open a new window for each list of threads. I do this becouse if I just went back to the Discussion page in the same window, sometimes it would refresh the page and I'd loose all the info about unred messages.

  6. Magna

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    Thanks for the spell-checker. Nice addition :)

    As a suggestion I would like a clear and distinct indicator when I have received a Private Message. Many times I have gone for quite a number of days before realizing I had some. And ~1,000 characters is very restrictive - sure would be nice to have 1,500-2,000 as I have had to often split up messages into 2 or 3 parts so that the system would accept them. I know, I could have emailed instead but I wanted to send a PM.
  7. Baron

    Baron ET Founder


    Thanks for the suggestion. That one is definitely a priority on my list.

    The folder problem you mentioned is noted. I'll be addressing it soon. The method of opening a separate window for browsing the messages is the best solution for now.

    The ability to be notified of new posts in a thread without actually being a participant will roll out in a day or two.

    I agree that the private message notification needs to be more prominent, and I'll address that soon. However, the best way to be notified of a new message is to go into your account options, and click on "yes" for the option called "Pop up a box when you receive a Private Message?". This way, no matter what part of the board you're on, you'll receive a little pop-up window whenever you receive a new PM.

    The private message size has now been increased to 3000 characters.

    Thanks for the suggestions everybody.
  8. def

    def Sponsor

    many thanks, your site improves by the day.
    one more suggestion....

    after a post leaves the home page you sort it under different topics. This is great but makes it time consuming to check new posts from over night. Any chance of an option to list say the most recent X number of threads.
  9. Magna

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    Thanks for implementing useful additions and keeping your software cutting edge. As far as I'm concerned Elite Trader is the definitive site on the web for active traders. Keep up the great work.
  10. ddefina


    I know this may keep people from coming to the boards, but what if in the email alerts you included the most recent post in the text of the email? Then if you wanted to reply you could come to the website and reply, or if the email was uninteresting, just delete. This would save your bandwidth a little, and keep us from going in and out constantly.
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