Suggestions on Portfolio Performance Analysis?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by callahan, May 23, 2011.

  1. callahan


    I would like to find a software that could track my positions (end of day would do) and analyze the performance of my portfolio. I tried Morningstar and it was rather good but it does not accept short positions and that for me was a deal breaker.

    Any suggestions?
  2. callahan


    I´ve heard Ninja Trader, Morning Star, have some... but which one do you recommend the most?
  3. callahan


    What I am looking for a software that could give me the max. drawdown, volatility, var, etc... as I put the trades I have done manually in the system.
  4. It's broker-specific, but if you use IB they have a PortfolioAnalyst tool that does it.
  5. callahan


    The problem is that I use the thinkorswim platform and they have almost no performance analysis, that is why I am looking for an independent software to help me with this.
  6. As a coincidence we were just discussing folio performances here:

  7. I use Excel with the XLQ add-in from Qmatix which allows me to easily pull in historic and real time stock data. With it I calculate ATR and max drawdown per trade as well as slippage against my entry and exit signals. I use it not only for trade history and some backtesting but to pull in data to calculate and signal entries, track trades in real time, and calculate and signal exits. I even have formula's to calculate metrics on my performance by strategy over any time frame. I haven't even been using XLQ two years and can't imagine how I would trade now without it.