Suggestions for Prop Firms for non-US citizens to trade US Equities

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by DG767, Sep 18, 2019.

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    I am looking for suggestions about prop firms which accept non-US citizens to trade US Equities. I want this prop firm to offer Takion software and a good leverage for day trading, lets say 1:20(and maybe 1:5 for overnight). So if I deposit 5k usd I would have a 100k buying power. Also I want the prop firm to offer good per share commission and a fair split. I am open for discussion.

    Thank you.
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    I understand what you are looking for. I can’t help with that. I suggest another path. Consider future’s. You get a lot of leverage, more than a prop firm. The account is 100% yours. You can trade any hours that fit and you can start with $5000 USD.
  3. Try .
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    How on earth can you even consider starting futures at $5000? A 5% risk on any index future ($250/trade) would blow you out in a couple points and grains would only give you a few points more (at $50 a point in corn for example you'd get 4-5 points before you'd hit risk limit). You have the e-micros I guess.
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    Well, rather than refute OMM and scare the shit out of the OP, why not just suggest Micros from the get-go? You silly man.
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    I mean OP never said what they were into - there are no liquid e-micros for ags and softs afaik. When you say "futures" I'd think the entire market so I just went as broad as possible.

    I agree with @Robert Morse in general though, futures are far better per unit leverage.
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    See the OP...

    I think you need more airplane.

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    RaghuRomeo do you have experience with them, can you please provide some more info?Are they reliable? Also have you tried or know another prop firms like

    Robert, may be I will consider future's in the future.

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    Where are they based and regulated ? not much info on the website
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    Come on man....what are you hoping to accomplish coming to this game with $5k? If you want to trade some on the side that is one thing, but trying to make a serious go of it with only $5k is a suckers bet.
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