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  1. I've decided to look again at adding more futures markets (basically it's too hot to do anything substantive today). Here's a list of what I've currently got. Am I missing anything major? A few futures might have been launched recently that I missed? Maybe there are liquid micros that I can replace my existing futures with?

    Don't bother suggesting something that's on an exchange I don't trade - there's probably a good reason. For example, the data fees for ICE are prohibitive.

    I'm also staying away from single stock futures, at least at the moment.

    Futures only please, no FX, no options, no crypto - unless it's a future!

  2. For reference, I currenly trade (IB codes):


  3. Biggest(?) market is ES... SP500. There is also a smaller contract, the micro-ES.

    If you want to try to trade the ES "for its potential", you won't have enough time to do a good job of following other markets.

    The ES offers the potential to make $Hundreds of Thousands.. $Millions/year... if you can learn to trade it well. Suggest spending a significant amount of your effort there.
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    I didn’t see in the list the hang seng tech. Hstech is the ticker at ib. I believe sgx may have some other stuff of interest for You.
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  5. Yes, got both of them already - rows 134 and 135.

    I trade systematically, otherwise I certainly wouldn't have time to 'follow' 160 markets plus whatever I add next.

    I also don't believe that any one market is 'special' like you suggest, since there is zero statistical evidence that this is the case; rather that one should diversify as much as possible amongst markets that are equally good (putting aside considerations like liquidity and costs).

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  6. Disagree. "You follow 160 markets... and you follow/trade them well"?

    I call BULLSHIT!!
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    Ahhh diversification.. to get the magical anti-correlated porfolio. when We don’t need it We get it and when We need it.. puff disappears! I found interesting a recent comment by Druckenmiller and his reasoning about concentrated positions. If a 20 billion guy trade concentrated positions after all what we need is not diversification through asset classes.. i am slowing arriving at the same point.
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  8. I'm fully automated.... so in principal I can 'follow' (track prices for and generate signals for) as many markets as I like.

    (Some of these markets I don't actually trade as they are too expensive, illiquid or aren't open to me for regulatory reasons. And I probably usually only have positions in 20 or so on any given day).

    Not sure what you mean by 'follow well'. I'm not looking at a screen here...

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    You are staying away from ICE exchanges because of fees, i think you said in the past.

    How much would they be charging you each year?
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