Suggestions for converting Metatrader Expert Advisor to another programming language

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by qtip, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. qtip


    Hello all -

    I have been trading my system via Metatrader's EA. Things have been going fairly well. One issue I have is that I am always afraid that my trades will be manipulated by my brokerage firm. At times, I feel like this is happend, however there doesn't seem to be any type of recourse with the firm.

    Because of this, I have been working on a C++ version that will run as its own front end. If I can accomplish this, then I can choose a better broker and hopefully connect directly to their API.

    Does anyone have any better suggestions than this? I really appreciate the suggestions.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. StrategyRunner

    StrategyRunner Strategy Runner, Ltd.

    We have a C++ api (also Java and COM, VB) that is client based
    or a server side API (runs on our server) which is C++

    You can execute at either GFT-FOREX or Gain Capital or any broker that supports Currenex
  3. qtip


    What is the cost? I am guessing there is a transaction cost per trade?
  4. StrategyRunner

    StrategyRunner Strategy Runner, Ltd.

    We charge a programming charge (it depends on the systems complexity) over the last 5 years we have developed thousands of systems for private and institutional clients

    send an email to and ask for a quote
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    how do you guarrantee - "no illegal usage" and IP protection ?