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  1. could you put "Log Out" in a couple of more places? One has to wander around to figure out where it is. Obviously some people don't bother and just close browser, but if you are on a public computer or want to ensure you are logged out, would be nicer if it was on more central pages.

    For example, " Forums > User Control Panel for userXYZ"
  2. Just click "home" and then "log out". It's very much obvious on the home page.
  3. The guy can spot a spammer in his sleep but can't find the logout button LOL

  4. With 5829 (8.40 posts per day) - 99.5% of which are either worthless, condescending or just plain rude and the other 0.5% are pointing out spam, why on earth would you ever want to log out? What else could you possibly be doing that requires you to log out?
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    Or "Forums" then "log out".

  6. try that again:

    Usability - not making the users (many of whom are new to ET) wander around trying to perform a major function...
  7. try this again:

    It's plain as day on the HOMEPAGE!

  8. Lucrum


    :D LOL
  9. sorry, but Rask went on ignore a long time ago. And anyone having usability experience would say he is an idiot.

    major website/GUI controls are not supposed to require searching for. On ET, they appear in one place on one screen, a different place and color on another, and not on others where it would be expected.

    So if you LOL to appear clever, then you apparently share his ignorance.
  10. TraderZones can't even go to the can in peace anymore without someone taking a swipe at him, usually a gangbang. :D

    And as usual he is abs. correct.

    No big deal to go Home\Logout but for a site called Elite a Logout button should be a floater - even the broke banks like BofA have this feature. :D

    Newbies who encountered this difficulty (solved within 20 secs., but ....)?

    Yours truly

    peace to all :)
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