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Discussion in 'Trading' started by schonfeld_trade, Dec 8, 2002.

  1. Hi, all,

    I have some suggestion to elitetrader board. Can we set up a board for specific stocks. We can talk about some specific stocks, and discuss how to trade them. That might be helpful. How do you guys think about it?
  2. great idea. count me in.
  3. But I don't know whether the management of this board will be interested in it!
  4. Couldn't you just use the Journal Forum and start a thread like....

    MSFT Trades.

    That way its specific and traders will only post trades, tips and anything else to do with MSFT.

  5. I would prefer to have a forum where we discussed particular stocks for long term investments/long term shorts. These would be investments that would span at least the next 6 mos. and Ideally would span 2-5 years. Someone would post the name of the stock in the subject line, and then post why they like the stock for the long term, and we could then debate the stock. This isn't for traders. I'd rather that there was little or no discussion of charts or short term price trends. Just discuss the fundamentals of the company involved. Please post your positions in those stocks. What do you think Baron. I'd moderate it.
  6. good idea:)
  7. I try to modify that website. If we can discuss here, that will be much better. :)
  8. qdz


    I do not want to be impolite. IMO, elitetrader forum does not discuss specific stocks or even whole market direction on any regular basis. ET is more focus on exploring eternal truth in trading and financial business.

    You may want to go to plenty of other forums including yahoo and clearstation.


  9. Bad idea.
    If you do this eventually you're going to attract the pumpers and dumpers . I think there's enough of that going on over at YAHOO.
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