Suggestion to 'compliment' IB's TWS

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by balance, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. balance


    I've tried IB a few times, yes a few times. Never like the TWS.
    After being with ToS for a couple of years, the latest (yesterday) incident is the last straw!

    Looking over the reviews and comments, I think IB is a better choice. I will still maintain ToS for charting and T/A, but use IB for trading.

    Suggestions as to which platforms to 'compliment' (replace, actually) TWS are welcome.

    I trade mainly options, complex options for position trades, and day trades for weekly of AAPL, BIDU etc.

    Will also starting to trade emini, based on Wolfe wave analysis.

  2. spacewiz


    I do the same thing. Use IB/TWS for trading and API access (automated trading and custom analysis tools), and ToS for charting and options analysis. One area where ToS is still unbeatable, in my opinion, is options analysis and data. If anyone else knows of a better tool for options analysis - please post!
  4. classact


    @ogarbitrage - looks good for options. Know any others that could be used for stocks, currencies and futures?