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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by jetq, Oct 11, 2005.

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    from a trader's point of view, book trader is not friendly, for example, can't define different entry/exit strategy and select it with one click, can't scale in/out. I would like TWS' booktrade to be something like ninja trader or bracket trader, make trader's life much easier, basically, trader can define strategy to scale in/out with one-click trade. so we traders don't need to run around to find some other front-end software. I'm sure IB's developers can do this
  2. I agree. Lots of potential there but IBsoft doesnt seem interested. Dont know if youve tried buttontrader yet but Im real happy with it as Ive given up on booktrader.
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    IB seems to be making a lot of changes to TWS. (Despite a hue and cry from the KISS folks) I made a suggestion on a change to the Book Trader over in the "IB Suggestions and Improvements" thread.

    I noticed that some of the earlier suggestions in that thread are in the Beta version of TWS. You might repeat your suggestion there in case IB doesn't read this thread. Hopefully your input will help in the allocation of software folks to the Book Trader job.

    easyrider - You could also add a comment over there.

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    Please can you be specific with suggestions. We're open to listening to suggestions, but asking for a feature that's offered by "abc trading software" doesn't help us much. Please assume that we have no knowledge of your current favourite software.

  5. I would think that you would be intimitely familiar with the competition. Why dont you get samples of the competition and look at them close up. We could chip in and pay the subscriptions for you guys if thats whats holding you up. I have made specific suggestions in the past.

    p.s. I am one of those who did not want anything changed from the basic TWS way back when but realized I was fighting a losing battle.
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    I disagree strongly with your statement. the front ends mentioned are far from competitors. They route directly into IB via the API and offer a product that caters to a specific niche of traders. thus they complement the TWS very well.
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    Here is one valuable suggestion from the IB Suggestions & Improvements thread:

    The things mentioned above plus the ability for a simple one click scale in/out strategy would rock.
  8. Hmm. I hate it when someone counters my assertions with logic.

    edit: I still think if they were really interested in making Booktrader more user friendly it would be a good idea to look at what these other parties are doing.
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    Now that you've got the attention of "def" and "Steve_IB" and you've accepted that change is coming to the TWS why not offer specific suggestions for Book Trader? You obviously have much to offer.

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    I have been using Axispro with Questrade and just changing back to IB. I love using the booktrader in Axispro (though it's not called that) and love that everything is one window. I can have my ticker, portfolio and 5 booktrader windows all "attached". It appears with IB that if I had 5 booktrader windows I would have a minimum of 7 open windows. Is there a way that I haven't seen to attach the booktrader windows?
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