suggestion needed to sort out symbols with news affecting them

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by cazdealer, May 23, 2011.

  1. cazdealer


    I have developed a OPG basket strategy. In the morning, I send about 800 orders related to 400-500 different symbols.
    I would like to find an easy way to sort out stock that have news on them and that might not react correctly to my strategy because of it.
    For now, I copy paste my list of symbols in a portfolio of yahoo finance. Then, I manually remove symbols with news. It's a long process to do in the morning and Yahoo headline often miss news...
    What could I do to shorten the process and/or remove only symbols that have news directly affecting them?

    Any suggestion would be appreciated
  2. Bob111


    try macro in excel
  3. How do you define 'news' event? It sounds like you are doing this through a subjective filter.

    To automate you will need to define an objective filter. Maybe the number of stories? planned earnings release?

    In my own scans, I avoid news events by watching for gaps. Gaps generally equate to news. So my systems will not take a signal if the open is higher or lower then the range of the last session.
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    Acquire Media has a news program that is a news accumulator from many sources. There might be a way to connect NewsEdge v8 to your basket strategy. So when any news appears with that symbol, your strategy disables that symbol until you turn it back on.

    Let me know if you need a contact there to discuss the details. Just PM me your contact information, and I get you his.