suggestion for Strategy Runner

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by tradecrumbs, Jun 17, 2006.


    I am still using strategy runner version 2.3 so forgive me if this has already been added.

    There is a large following of "Woodies chart set ups". People think that Woodies CCI is a special indicator that he invented. IT IS NOT. It is only a few indicators that Woodie put combines together on a chart so people can use these indicators together to follow the futures market. Woodies little simple CCI system is working and is accurate.

    Woodies system uses CCI set at two different overlapping time frames(6-14). He also uses an overlapping LSMA indicator. Which is sitting on top of the two CCI. That's all that woodies cci includes.

    So in conlcusion, I would like to request that Strategy runner add the LSMA indicator, and give the ability to overlap indicators on top of one another. It is a simple set up. No need to make an indicator and call it "woodies CCI". Just give strategy runner users LSMA indicator with green and red dots and overlapping ability. Then they will have woodies CCI.

    See how Simple.

    I am looking forward to this new addition of LSMA and overlapping ability.:)