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  1. Suggestion for New Thread Category. Something like: Taxes and Trading Costs. It would go under the "Trading for a Living" class of categories.

    We get a lot of threads about commissions/cheapest brokers, tax efficiency, tax news, tax-deferred trading in IRAs, CPAs who can handle annual tax filings, countries/states with lowest taxation, slippage, fees and other things... There are a number of existing threads that could be moved here.

    it seems like it deserves a category. It surely would be more active than some of the categories currently on ET.

    And I am sure someone like the green tax company/CPA, a low-cost broker or someone else might even sponsor something like this.

  2. great idea

    prudent tax management is a topic in its own right
  3. what about; "Market predictions"

    not really 'trading' but also more than just 'chit chat'

  4. I'll use this thread for another suggestion.

    ET needs more structure for goodness sake. So many users start thread on very common things without ever bothering to do a search and post in previously existing thread. This gives the board a more frivolous look and encourages spammers and trolls. Thread with very common titles like 'difference btw day trading and swing trading' should be merged with existing ones or better locked. And ofcourse, threads need to be moved to proper section with more agility.
  5. sorry to disagree, but I think the mods are doing a very good job moving the prediction threads to chit chat section :D
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    Talk with other traders about taxes, licensing, business entities, hedge fund formation, and other aspects of trading for a living.
  7. Tax schmax, blow out your account before you send the G-men a dime!!:cool:

  8. "Trading for a living" category has no more than 3-4 people at ET (& even they have their day jobs active, so better to call it, "Trading for dyin"

    The former deserves a category? .. yeah, "Wishful thinking" :D
  9. This is a single short thread under one topic under Trading for a Living and it has 4-5+ people, so nice try
  10. We need a LARGE forum for all Jack Hershey related threads.

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