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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by eagle488, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. I thought I saw a representative for IB on here. Steve? I have a suggestion and that is the option to have a longer password.

    6-8 digits seems very short and I would also like the ability to use other characters. I am confident that no one will guess the password. My concern is that someone might use a software program and try the different possibilities. I would say a password of at least 10 digits long.

    I would also like the ability to be able to cut&paste my password into the IB login screen. Right now I am just typing it in which seems less secure.

    I do like some of the new security methods I have seen like the password calculator. Is there anyway that you might integrate the password calculator into the login for the trade account?
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  3. dav,

    have u noticed that issue about size on booktrader we talked about?

    it's still there.
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    If you want the ability to cut and paste your password then it means that your password will be saved somewhere unencrypted on your computer. If you are so concerned about security then this is more important than anything you mentioned.

    Your concern about other people guessing your password is only an issue if that person already has your password in encrypted form. For example, say your password is "hello." In encrypted form it will look something like this


    If he has this encrypted pasword in a text file then he can use a password cracker to try to decrypt it. The password cracker is not typing in a million different passwords into the TWS login lol. I'm sure IB has security that catches multiple attempts to login with an incorrect password.

    If you are worried about people around you installing keyloggers on your computer then read this article

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    Try Keepass:

    The copy&paste operation using Keepass claims to be safe.


    Bernd Kuerbs
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    the odds with a password of digits combining letters and numbers of finding your code is 35 to the 8th power is 1 in 2 251 875 390 625

    is that sufficent for you?
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    Why do say that? Its trivial to keep an encrypted file (containing your passwords) if you are using NTFS with windows.
  9. finally was able to take a screenshot; i post it here...cant believe nobody noticed this:
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    i wasn't saying that he should keep an encrypted password on his computer. he thinks he can avoid keyloggers by copying and pasting. i'm telling him that the cost of doing that is having to keep a plain text version of the password saved somewhere on his computer.

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