Suggested modification to P&R for new members

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  1. P&R forum is increasingly becoming a cesspool, I propose requiring new members to have 1000 posts to their name before they can post on the P&R forum. The rationale is simple, there is a never ending stream of lamos who post incendiary stuff to get attention while adding nothing of value.
  2. Lucrum


    Capital idea, only it should probably be at least 3000 posts to get in.
  3. While the idea seems good at first blush, guys like Lucrum will still crawl in. And there's a fair number of them. That's why I'm avoiding P&R for a period of time. I like to think of it as detox.
  4. Or how about you just refrain from posting in there altogether? I mean, the forum is politics and religion, two subjects which people feel VERY strongly about and also two subjects that are almost IMPOSSIBLE to convince the counter party of your viewpoint. Its purposely rigged for war :D
  5. That's a good point. And did you ever notice that the people who FEEL the most strongly about something do the least amount of actual THINKING? Indeed, dogma is an unthinking man's best friend.
  6. The P/R section was designed because without it, the crazies who currently trash it would spill out into the rest of the forums. At least now, we can make sure they're all too occupied with their petty arguments to wreck the rest of the board.
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    Some of the biggest whack jobs in P&R have over 1000 posts, so that criteria would simply reward those who post like rats on crack.

    I think 100 posts as the number makes more sense - that would discourage the whack jobs who make up aliases only to support their own posts. The same as it would discourage those who create aliases just to post links (spam).

    Thus, I counter that people with under 100 posts should not be able to post in P&R and should not be allowed to post links.
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  9. They've drawn their line in the sand, will not change their mind but have no problems arguing their point(s) to death.

    P&R forum for ya :D

  10. So basically P&R forum is not to be frequented by normal people. Why not simply ban people who are trouble makers instead of creating a playground for them?
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