Suggest Me A Prop Firm Please

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by feng456, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. feng456


    I am looking for a prop firm that requires little to no deposit and would allow me to trade the ES intraday. Those are the only two requirements. Please throw me some names.

    Any irrelevant posts will be ignored.

    Thanks ahead of time.

    p.s. Sorry mods I can't find my other thread and it had no activity anyway so please delete if you find it.
  2. feng456


    still awaiting a reply...
  3. feng456


    also anybody know anything about EuroProp? good bad?
  4. 1. You posted in the wrong forum
    2. Use the search button to a) find your old thread and b) look up prop firms
  5. inktomii


    A good broker will offer intraday margins at $500 for ES and around $3.95 a round trip. Concentrate on taking more ticks so you don't need the type of execution fees a prop firm offers.

    You're looking at 3-4k/month in desk fees at a prop to trade futures. They will teach you nothing.

    If you're trading with a broker, negotiate a better commission deal or shop around. You can sell the fact that you're profitable (if you are) and that your size will increase which will mean more cash for them.

  6. Pants


    I have been looking as well. I have spoken to a number of Prop Firms, lets compare notes. Shoot me an email.