Suggest a cool tagline for Elite Trader.

Discussion in 'Events' started by Baron, Aug 23, 2002.

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  1. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I'm working on some Elite Trader T-Shirts and I was thinking it would be nice if we could come up with a tagline for the site that would be cool, yet descriptive. For example, eBay has "The World's Online Marketplace", and CBS MarketWatch has "The Story Behind the Numbers".

    Post your suggestions here, and in a few days we'll vote on them through a poll. If your suggestion is among the top 5 that gets the most votes, you'll get a free T-Shirt!

    So let's hear some ideas...
  2. Elite Trader-the trader's think-tank.
  3. More for the mix:

    Elite Trader - "Offering insight, Bidding participation"

    Elite Trader - "Traders trading ideas on trading"

    Elite Trader - "The meeting of the minds on the markets"

    Elite Trader - "Speculations by speculators"

  4. Wow I like both of those suggestions so far. I cannot even imagine what sort of "creative" suggestions are yet to come. :D

    Of course I'm fond of my signature "You must be in to win."

    So does the winner get a free subscription to elitetrader for a year...wait it is free. How about a free T-Shirt?

    And why stop there, how about ballcaps, coffee mugs, even jammies (pajamas). That way I could wake up in my ET jammies, go throw on a ballcap, go out and get the paper, sit down in the kitchen and have some coffee.... then shuffle to my office. sit down and log in to ET.

    Baron...there are going to be some wives mad at you...

  5. this should be good...i can't wait to see some more of these responses. lol

    here's a bad one off the top of my head...

    it takes 500 posts.
    who is super_ego?
    why does everyone argue with don bright?
    become a member
    help gordon gekko
    talk about everything but how to make money (lol jk)
  7. "Elite Trader - share the theory of wealth!"

    "Elite Trader - serious only need apply"

    "Elite Trader - the trader's knowledge storehouse"

    "Elite Trader - strategy & sarcasm"

    (OK, now for the doozie)

    "Elite Trader - ignorance is no excuse!"


  8. i predict this thread reaches at least 20 pages. :)
    join today, you freaking newb.

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