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  1. rogcas


    fundamentals = down

    technicals= up

    volatility. v low

    time to buy some options! - maybe a staddle or two?!

  2. Shagi


    Sugar rally juggernut unstoppable despite a an oversupply of the commodity
  3. Sugar is deemed to be a smoother trending market. Do a trade that has a bullish bias instead of straddles/strangles.
  4. Shagi


    If crude closes above $100 then more fuel for sugar rally, but some vicious selling kicking in
  5. Shagi


    Sweet Sweet Sugar - what a rally :cool:
  6. this week's rally had more to do with worries of fluxo, a brazilian producer, getting killed on it's short hedges. the ICE had to issue a statement limiting the trading activities of fluxo. when the mkt smelled a short in trouble, they gunned the market.
  7. Are you an experienced sugar trader? Where do you see sugar going?
  8. i just bought 15 20.00 march 09 sugar calls for 30.0 a piece. itll either turn out to be the best or worst $4500.00 i've ever spent :)
  9. still bullish sugar guys??
  10. There is some interesting action today. Up almost 7% as of mid-day. Is it just ag-fever across the board or what? Any idea what is fueling the sugar rally today? It was flat this morning and last night after the refinery fire in Savannah.
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