Sugar No. 11

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  1. I'm sorry, but has anyone seen the setup in October 09 sugar? This thing looks like it could be one of the best short opportunities of Q3. Anyone trade this instrument? I've dabbled a bit in it. Made a little, got stopped out alot...but, damn this thing looks like it's within a few weeks of seriously rolling over.
  2. I wouldn't short this thing , looks like it's going up. Is there an ETF for that SB #11 ?
  3. I-Path Sugar ETF - SGG

    I would not short into this rally, that's bush. I'd like to see a breakdown of a few key levels and trendlines. September is also the seasonal low for sugar. I'll be quietly licking my chops for the next few weeks. A breakdown in crude will increase the odds for a sugar short quite nicely. Just need the weather to cooperate, and it's a done deal.
  4. Pick a trend and fight it!
    Next objective is 20. It amazes me again and again why people tend to miss the important trends and then cant wait to go against it.
  5. Well, I'm not against it, I'm just looking well ahead in anticipation of a turn. I missed the massive move from 11 and a half, which started while the "trend" was down BTW. I agree, 20 looks like a possibility.

    Some of the best money is made on the turns, and that's just my style. Thanks for the pep talk paul.

  6. Could you elaborate? I'm curious.
  7. Low was in October of 2008, and rallied approximately 20% from there (in about two trading weeks), and then never really looked back. Trend is all about timeframes, and the daily/weekly trends were negative when this puppy kicked off.

    Everyone's opinion of what a "trend" is differs I guess. I hope I'm not completely wrong. All I really know for sure is that downtrends tend to follow uptrends and visa versa.
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  9. Here is Sugar #11 Price/Time Chart...


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