Sugar Explosion

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    Take your positions and stay tuned:D
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    This Is It:D
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    Long somwhere around 2210ish & Stops somewhere 2170ish
  4. Beauty of course is that there is currently no LIMIT UP or LIMIT DOWN limitation on SB. Did you straddle, strangle, variance swap or Live Wire (futures) ? Gave up trying to short it, lets see IV maybe there is some action waiting for us :D

    Kinda reminds me of the run up we had on Dry FFA's last year.....
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    Futures - Long Outright - If my judgement is right Sugar should not see 2200 again for some time. Today some would argue rally was due to DX demise, so I will know for sure my position is correct when both DX and SB rally OR when it trades outside of the range above 2400 -
  6. <a href="">Hell, it's about time.</a>

  7. long gamma, vega seems appropriate here. this four month long consolidation will end soon. i'm honestly a bit surprised that the dollar weakness hasn't had more of a positive effect on sb prices, although it has helped to keep an outright wreck from occuring. i guess we'll see.
  8. how would you hedge raw sugar against some basket of other commodities ?

    I only know how to buy low and sell high

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    I got smacked on this trade becuase of Dubai Debt Default - The good news is LIFFE was open yesterday for hedging - using LIFFE white sugar contracts & Eurex Bund/Bobl for dollar rally - I will post some charts later

    The trade direction is still correct despite temporary set back - so I will be re-entering the trade
  10. Nothing can ruin one's day quicker than some unseen geo-political/economic risk from half a world away. It kinda feels like Q1 2008 all over again...when you'd wake up early on Monday morning and realize that the world banking system almost collapsed over the weekend.

    I don't miss those days at all.
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