'Sugar Daddy' conned £180k from victims

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    'Sugar Daddy' conned £180k from victims
    A CONMAN who fleeced a string of women out of thousands of pounds after meeting them on a dating website faces a jail sentence.

    Jonathan Price, 41, told his victims he had served in the SAS, was a multi-millionaire with offshore accounts and was suffering from terminal cancer.

    Price met several of his female victims on the website Sugardaddies.com.

    He wined and dined them at top restaurants, went shopping with them in London's Bond Street and lunched at Harrods. Whenever they became suspicious, Price would produce fake bank account paperwork.

    Three trusting women believed him - and some even asked their elderly parents for cash to give to Price.

    He pleaded guilty to 15 counts of fraud totalling £180,000, and one of theft and faces prison when he is sentenced next month.

    It emerged he has seven previous convictions for dishonesty from across the UK over the last 20 years and has served four prison sentences. Legal papers described Price, from Darlington, County Durham, as "callous" and said deception was "deeply ingrained in his mind".

    His tall tales including that he lived in Sandbanks in Dorset, one of the country's richest areas, and knew the recently deceased Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky.
    It netted him £118,000 from women plus £62,000 from estate agents, car and boat dealers and businessmen who believed him, Teesside Crown Court in Middlesbrough heard.

    He claimed to be having trouble freeing some of his fortune from overseas accounts in order to get cash advances from his girlfriends and their families.
    If questioned further, he would flee, making excuses such as he had a brain tumour and was staying with a friend to recover.

    Judge Michael Taylor said: "He is as dishonest as the day is long. He is a conman first and foremost."

    I thought this one deserved its own thread. lol.
  2. I'm sure these gold diggers lied as well!! Pictures not 100% representative, and they likely said at some point they don't care about money that much.... well, maybe not. anyhow, this is a violation of true love!!! haha.

    so these women are mad they got taken for cash, yet their entire existence is to take cash. sounds like wife material. the entire objective is to get cash with little work and skill. why don't they just become elite traders!!!! work 1 hour a day and get rich!!!!!

  3. I'd like to see pictures of these supposed sugar babies. There's a betting man's chance that they were tired old hags!!!
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    Psychopath cons people out of money. People blame the victims. I've looked at that website before, the women are far from dogs typically and many seem to be doing ok but looking for a rich guy, it's a good place for a conman to go for it.

    I see it all the time, people don't understand psychopaths and give them a level playing field. They are, very unlike the rest of us, intraspecies predators. They are also entirely incapable of being other than that. There is no known cure for the condition. If Western cultures could learn to separate them out from the herd and quell them to the maximum extent, life could start to make a lot more sense for a lot of people. Molesters are largely psychopaths, they get their pictures up on a website in California. I know one, the son of a bitch is cornered like the ones that are in jails. He will bend one's ear at length about how he was framed, he's a Christian now, etc.. same as all the ones in jails everywhere. They are in jails because they do HALF of all the serious crimes and they are incapable of learning from their mistakes. Giving them a level playing field is such stupidity.
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    I don't know if you are talking from experience, but you nail it:
    NEVER EVER give a level playing field to a psychopath.

    Best way to detect a psychopath : due diligence and vigilence and assume everything is a lie, ask tons of questions and check every detail - every source and of course take your time.