Sugar daddies paying for college degrees

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    Isnt it sad how many guys are suckered into looks and are willing to pay hundreds of thousands for this, I dont care how much money one has, its pretty pathetic, and secondly why didnt they add in a website for cougars that want to pay for a young guys college education!

    Can't Afford College? Let a Sugar Daddy Pay

    Published: Thursday, 2 May 2013 | 7:23 AM ET
    By: Jane Wells
    CNBC Reporter

    It's the beginning of May, when high school seniors have to put their money where their intentions are. Deposits are needed to confirm a spot in college this fall. What if you're not sure you'll have enough money to pay the full tuition bill?

    Never fear, some creepy old man is here.

    A while back, came out with the top schools for young coeds looking for older, richer men who might be willing to help out with college costs. SeekingArrangements specializes in matching so-called Sugar Daddies with Sugar Babies seeking "Mutually Beneficial Relationships® & Mutually Beneficial Arrangements™." (Yes, they've registered and trademarked those phrases.)

    The college with the most coeds signing up to the website was Georgia State. Nearly 300 (presumably) female students had opened accounts. Go Panthers! If you're lucky, you'll never be cougars!

    Following closely in second place was New York University, with Temple University in third, University of Central Florida in fourth, and University of South Florida in fifth. In fact, four of the top 15 schools are in Florida. Ladies, look around. You're in Florida. There are plenty of old geezers with cash. You don't need to go on a website.
    But wait. There's more.

    What's the best way to succeed as a Sugar Baby? "Be brutally honest."

    That's one piece of advice from the SeekingArrangement's "Sugar Baby Dos and Don'ts" blog, which suggests "The best Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy relationships form out of brutal honesty." Really? Because that doesn't seem the best way to score $200,000 over the next four years.

    Other advice includes "Don't Settle—'This is how Sugar Babies end up in Splenda relationships. Pick wisely and stick to your standards.' " So, in other words, make sure he pays for books, too, or the whole deal is off.

    But my favorite tip is "Don't: Rely on Sugar for Income." Ok ... just rely on him for college. "Sugaring is not welfare" the blog warns. "Consider it like an end-of-the-year bonus that comes every month."

    You know, it might just take a college degree to figure out the best way to approach this. Good luck, kids. And Go Panthers!
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    I would go for it if I could just rent one for a day......:D

    (Official old horny geezer.......)
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    1 - you don't make enough money

    2 - you don't have enough sexual experience or at least didn't get enough sexual partners (if you're like 20-25 you are apologized)

    On a side note in Shekou, one expat area in Shenzhen, i'm speechless at the quality of whores hanging around westerners - old and ugly whereas wealthy locals parade around other areas of town with top notch candy.

    Seen this many times in Asia, asian punters beeing more chosy and willing to spend for it and westerners just sticking their dicks in anything that's still vaguely alive - often even parading the streets with it. A shame really
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    Btw, I mentionned difference between asians and westerners because I suspect this kind of matching website would attract many asian etnic males. Minor wife/mistress culture is quite prevalent in the far east.

    Huge difference in most girls between 20 and 30 y o, let alone older, there might be some reason for someone to still have sex with their wife when she is past 30, even possibly only with her, but give me a break it won't be because she is hotter than a 20 y o :(
  6. What I would be really interested to know, is HOW, what lead people to finish their lives without a loving partner who loves them for themselves?
    Statistically, 3% are winners in anything good in life :
    3% in trading, 3% in investing, etc... 3% in the love department.
    So I am really curious to know what have the 97% of losers in the love department done, so as to finish old and prowling ?
    I am really keen in learning from others mistakes.

    Please fire. :D :D :D
  7. but the loser are 100% winners at "trying" to be rich.

    and clowns are 100% winners in trying to find love.

    and 100% winners from thinking they have 100% freedom.

    and so the others are 100% losers at not trying, even if never losing.

    are you happy every day? OK, for how long?

    100% every day, but only 20% of the day? hmmmm........

    there is a famous quote from a Blue Turtle,

    "The illusion of winning is as transparent as a frosted window, where the window is shattered from disbelief that the world exists without losers."

  8. women need love and men need respect.

    as a man, you are challenged to love your wife, even if she disrespects you as a consequence for Adam's actions.

    yes, women are to submit as a consequence for Eve's actions.
  9. You are absolutely right regarding these benefits of a healthy couple.
    Looks like to me, you are mentioning the benefits , but not whar is the core leading to these benefits.

    1. If a man does not love a woman for herself, why would one expect him to give love to her?
    2. If a woman does not love a man for himself, why would one expect her to give him respect?

    Now if both love each other really, the issue of the woman being loved and the man getting respect does not even show up, as the problem does not appear. However, forcing relationships, basically lead people to kind of resist - even passively- a situation. I would never advise a gal to go with a lad she does not love, nor a lad to go with a gal he does not love - these situations are simply not sustainable, and are actually very unhealthy. At the end of the day, personal relationships impact the core of a person's being.

    I am now starting to understand, the Christian view that evil is all about perverting legitimate needs. Simple examples, food is good, the perversion is gluttony, ...
    Here, loving relationships are good, the perversion as seen as in the sugar daddy phenomenon.
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    Actually that arrangement is the most capital efficient way to enter into a sexual relationship with a highly attractive and college educated young lady.

    Think about it, no strings attached, your assets are safe (ie no marriage/divorce risk) you get a fresh girl every time you tire of the old one.

    It is like Leasing a BMW. or buying fractional hours on a Jet (ie NetJets,etc..) VS the expense and money sink of owning a Jet that you only use for X amount of hours a year.

    Look at all the morons who marry gold diggers.

    And in the end that excess discretionary income is at least being put to a good use, allowing a young girl to afford college and not end up a debt slave to the college loanshark industry.

    Sounds like a WinWin in my book.
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