Sugar Daddies Fund College For Coeds

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    I've heard of this going on through Craig's List but apparently there is a website devoted to it. Makes a lot of sense. College girls are better off getting it from a mature guy with money rather than some 19 year old idiot. Plenty of guys would willing shell out a few thousand a month to have a college aged babe available.

    I look for Tiger Woods to sign on as their celebrity endorser.
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    Well, I would like to think that at the very least the more mature and 'seasoned' guy knows what the hell he is doing and is almost certainly better at it than the 19 year old.

    That is at least my own personal narcissistic delusion and I am sticking with it.
  3. Isn't this called prostitution? :eek:
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    This is such old news. They (in particular moralistic Fox) run a story about this every few months to try to increase viewership or circulation. NY Post (Fox paper) ran an almost identical story early this week.

    Speaking of moralistic
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    Yes it is. Why aren't law enforcement jumping on the obvious?
  6. If you go to the website, I suspect a lot of these girls are in fact call girls or escorts.

    Why should the police get involved though? It's not like they are sex slaves kidnapped and brought over here by Albanians.

    What's the difference in a guy having an expensive GF who expects pricey gifts, trips, etc and this? What about professors who bed college girls in exchange for good grades, etc? Is that illegal? Actually, it should be banned by universities but most of them look the other way. Tenure, etc.
  7. Of course not! They're simply friends helping each other out! And if Susie Sorority gets a little financial help with her books, rent or whatnot, what's the problem? :cool:
  8. Why is defining something "moralistic" ? I don't get it.

  9. I have no issue with it and believe prostitution should be decriminalized.

    HOWEVER, today prostitution is illegal and this is simply a snarky way around the law.

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    Prostitution! Pure and simple, nothing that requires interpertation. I would also agree that it is stupid, but why do others get prosecuted? Make a gun law to prevent it. :)))))))))))))))
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