sugar anyone?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by duard, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. duard


    Sugar's gone parabolic and could be a fun ride down soon. I was gonna get in today but it looks like it's got one more push higher. We'll see.
  2. It may be, how were you going to play it?
  3. Buy1Sell2


    Short term there may be a shorting opportunity. Long term we'll see 60 to 70 cents.
  4. duard


    Many others I quizzed say major bull as well with other targets 30 - 40 cents. I guess a pullback entry would be nice. For now I'm looking at a pullback in many of the currently stretched commodities.
  5. duard


    Uptrend intact no longer than 2 down days since Nov. 05' and no significant downdraft for year(s) -- since 2/03 through 2/04.
  6. sugar is needed to produce ethanol. hint hint.
  7. New highs today. If you think something is going to 30 or 40 and it is at 18, why would you wait for a pull back? Doesn't make sense to me. What if it pulls back from 22 to 20, your entry price is still much worse than if you bought it RIGHT NOW. Products in bull markets tend to go up.

  8. bebe


    Price is over 3 standard deviations. Nice hammer comming. :)
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