Sueing the plunge protection team *PPT* and putting criminal action against them

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  1. As far as I know laws against manipulating the stock market are still on the books. and i havent seen congress pass any laws giving paulson, or any of his cabal of banks and brokers the right to manipulate the stock market. for either financial or otherwise. so the question is can we now sue paulson,and his entire cabal for manipulating the stock market?
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    Yeah, get one of those lawyers on TV in the middle of the night that tells you to call him if you've been arrested for drunk driving. They even speak Spanish.
  3. The US is under a financial terrorist attack.
    Wallstreet is under Martial Law... Short Sellers have Curfews.
    The Constitution is suspended until further notice...

    -- George Bush 9/18/2008
  4. hey in europe there suing the fsa. /and by wierd quirk of european and english laws, the hedgefunds might win. Im just thinkinig even if the hedgefunds win, somehow the bush admin will pass and emergency measure that will protect the guys. Come on all they have todo is do a freedom of information act, request on all emails between the goons, and you have a winning case.

  5. The government is immune from 'private action suits' unless they've agreed, in advance, to be specifically sued by legislation or statute.
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    No member of the current or previous admin, and no member of previous or current congress will be held accountable for the current situation. They will find enough blame for everyone but themselves. And even if they were, reps and senators would most likely be re-elected anyway.