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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by NoMoreOptions, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. I am practically disabled now. My wrists, arms, and shoulders hurts. Cannot move at all. Not being able to handle the steering wheel, I have to get Taxi or even ambulance to see my doctor. He X-ray'ed me and told me it is very serious. I was told to stop using laptop computers. I spent days to type in this message. These computer vendors only want money and put all safety and well-being of their customer behind their minds, like tobacco companies. The safety notices in the packages of their products are all lies and useless. In fact, using computers especially laptops is very risky and dangerous.

    What am I gonna do before my condition improves, if ever? I try to call some lawyers but can't even hold phone too long. What am I gonna do?
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  3. I retract my insult...its not nice to insult someone who is bi-polar. Please get some help NMO.
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    You probably need to see a pain specialist. Probably a psychiatrist too. Need to get over the physical stuff to get at what matters.
    Good docs help, bad docs just keep you on a string.
    Really, get a referral and get in there. Don't wait until your psyche is too far gone.